TomatoChain, For All Employees Implement AML training
2023-07-28 15:54:28 2023-07-28 15:54:28
[뉴스토마토 박창욱 기자] Tomato Chain announced that it will conduct anti-money laundering (AML) training for all employees this year to continue its various campaigns and employee education to become a leading exchange operator in AML.
In addition, the company has decided to fully support the training costs to complete the training program for anti-money laundering experts at the Korea Financial Training Institute. By conducting AML. training, we plan to enhance all employees' understanding of the anti-money laundering system and strengthen their core competencies by cultivating their expertise.
AML is a legal system for detecting and preventing illegal money laundering at home and abroad, and according to the recently revised Act on the Use and Reporting of Specified Financial Transaction Information (Special Act), virtual asset exchanges are also required to fulfill their AML obligations.
The contents of the course, 'Money Laundering Case Study on Virtual Currency' organized by the Insurance Institute of Korea, consist of △understanding of the anti-money laundering system, △money laundering and cases using virtual assets, △understanding of government policies related to virtual assets, △understanding of anti-money laundering guidelines related to virtual assets, △legal relations of virtual assets and domestic legislative systems, and △understanding of foreign virtual asset regulatory systems.
Meanwhile, Tomato Chain has completed the ISMS preliminary certification examination in May and is making every effort to become a leading provider by accepting reports from virtual asset businesses.
An official from Tomato Chain said "We will continue to strive to have an AML system and internal control system comparable to the financial sector and lead the improvement of transparency and trust, and as the strengthening of anti-money laundering work has become important internationally, we are making it mandatory for all employees to complete AML training to raise awareness of the importance of AML"
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