"Making Daily NFT" Tongtongwallet updates NFT service
NFT works are born in just one photo shoot.
Keep NFT works in wallet.
NFT mall will be opened within the second quarter of 2023
2023-03-07 16:56:38 2023-03-07 16:56:39
Creating a TTC-based blockchain NFT by taking pictures. (tomato wallet)
[뉴스토마토 박창욱 기자] The blockchain Tongtong wallet app announced that it has launched a "Daily NFT" service on the 2nd. 
The "Daily NFT" service is manufactured based on a network of Tongtong chains that make up Tongtong coin(TTC). Tongtong Chain is suitable for NFT platforms as it records ledger quickly and accurately and creates blocks through RDPOS (Proof of Delegated Equity in Results) method. In addition, TTC is a cryptocurrency that simplifies the payment and remittance process and can be traded on the global exchange MEXC and Hotbit 
▲NFT works are born in just one photo shoot. 
Daily NFT service is literally characterized by the ability to publish NFT works without restrictions on materials, such as dogs, landscapes, and artworks, in everyday life. When you write your own photos, work names, and descriptions, the images and detailed information will be published as NFTs. Also, previously taken photos and files can be made into NFT works.
TTC-based Daily NFT(left). NFTs in wallet (tomato wallet)
▲ Keep NFT works in wallet.
All NFT works are stored conveniently and safely in a Tongtong wallet, no limit to the number of NFT works that can be saved, and the name of the work and who is the publisher can be inquired in the details. Furthermore, it can be enjoyed as a content by sharing NFT works by sending them to anybody.
▲ NFT mall will be opened within the second quarter of 2023
According to Tomato wallet, the NFT Mall linked to the 'daily NFT' will be opened within the second quarter of 2023.  Tongtong Wallet app provide users with a place for transactions that can be uploaded to the NFT Mall to purchase and sell. A Tongtong Wallet official said, "In the Tongtong Wallet app, anyone can easily and quickly create NFT works just by filming without understanding the complex crypto ecosystem. We will try to provide various user experiences and lead users to participate"
Meanwhile, you can experience making NFT on the Tongtong wallet app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tongtong.wallet)
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